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At ORZAX, we’re dedicated to creating premium dietary supplements, merging the bounties of nature with cutting-edge technology. Our founders, experts in medicine, pharmacy, and industrial engineering, bring a collective experience of over 30 years in their respective fields. Today, leveraging our expertise, we have the capability to cultivate raw materials for dietary supplements on our own lands.

With our dedicated R&D facility, we innovate production techniques, meticulously examining these materials. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have the capability offer over 300 diverse products in capsule, tablet, soft gel, gummy, effervescent, sachet, and liquid forms. Notably, our commitment to quality means our products are free from artificial flavors and synthetics, ensuring the purest supplements for your well-being.


We carefully grow top-notch raw materials in our fields and make sure they’re high quality. Our modern manufacturing facility is certified by the FDA, and we watch over every step of making our products. We focus on getting sustainable, top-tier ingredients, respecting nature, and making sure our supplements stay super high quality.

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Recognizing nature’s essential role in human health, ORZAX values the essence of natural ingredients. With decades of expertise and a special R&D center, we turn nature’s gift into innovative dietary supplements, maintaining their integrity and delivering reliability worldwide.

We believe in working in harmony with nature, both when creating products and taking care of the environment. Our commitment is to make supplements that not only support your health but also contribute to a sustainable planet. At ORZAX, our expertise is rooted in our dedication to nature, your well-being, and innovative product development.

Join us on our journey towards health and sustainability. With ORZAX, trust in the expertise that harnesses nature’s gifts for your wellness.